Your quotation will be based on the type of website you need and what domain name you want (for example "com" addresses tend to be more expensive than "" or "net" ones).

As a guide, the cost of a simple website with around five to ten pages and a couple of associated email addresses would be in the region of £300 in total. This includes domain name registration and site hosting costs for the first year.

Thereafter, our Silver Maintenance Plan would be around £120 to £150 per year, depending on the domain name chosen. (Our Gold or Platinum Plans will be at additional cost).

So for an initial outlay of only £300, plus only £10 per month, you will get a website to put you and your business in front of your future customers who prefer to use Google than Yellow Pages or the Thompson Directory.

And don't forget our guarantee. Whichever Plan you choose, any costs you incur on pay as you go extras during your first year will be offset against the cost of upgrading to the next level. So, for the first 12 months of your Plan, you cannot be out of pocket if you choose the wrong Plan.